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Eric Smiley
Dressage, Stadium

June 15 - 17
(Thur. - Sat.)
$120 semi-private dressage or stadium, 1 hour
+ $20 ring fee for one day, $30 for 2 days

45 minute private lessons and larger group lessons are available upon request
Call or email Caroline Gregory - cel: 617-922-6528
about availability and fees.

No stabling
Release forms must accompany or be on file

Eric Smiley
Dressage, Stadium, XC
October 13 - 15
(Fri. - Sun.)
$120 semi-private dressage or stadium, 1 hour
$95 group of 3+ stadium, 1 hour
+ $20 ring fee for one day, $30 for 2+ days
$130 XC at Groton House Farm, group (min 3), 1 1/4 hours
+ $25 donation to ECTA


Release forms must accompany or be on file

Black Oak Stables is privileged to have a variety of clinicians
conduct educational seminars and riding training programs:

ERIC SMILEY is one of Irelandís most popular three day event riders. He is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher. It all started at age 28 when, after ten years in a Cavalry Regiment, he decided to make horses his professional career. In 1982, Eric became Irish Field Event Rider of the Year. For the next few years he built up a string of horses and gained his first team selection in 1985 for the European Championships at Burghley. Since then, he has represented Ireland at two European Championships, gaining team bronze medal on each occasion, three World Equestrian Games and has been on four Olympic Teams competing at Barcelona and Atlanta.

A consistent and regular participant at Burghley and Badminton, Eric has also represented Ireland at all levels of International competitions throughout Europe. Eric also is one of the few elite equestrians who have been awarded the highest British Horse Society's achievable teaching qualification, that of Fellow of the British Horse Society. For 18 years, Eric was Director of the Golden Saddle Scheme, identifying talented children in all equestrian disciplines and coordinating their training bursaries. His teaching has taken him to many countries including the United States.

Locally, Eric has judged the Intermediate division dressage at Groton House Farm II Horse Trials, and has been teaching clinics at Black Oak Stables since 1998. His many interests and talents keep him extremely busy but he still manages to find time for them all and regularly competes up to the Intermediate level.

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